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Transmissions are highly intricate, and precision engineered components. As such, it shouldn’t surprise you to hear that tiny tolerances, clearances, and specifications make a huge difference in the quality of your transmission - down to a thousandth of an inch. At Brooksville Transmissions, Inc. in Brooksville, FL, transmission inspection, adjustment, maintenance, and repair are our specialty.

Over time, parts wear out, warp, and fall out of spec as a result of normal wear and tear, heat, and age. On transmissions, tolerances and clearances are especially crucial - even the smallest deviation can cause cross-leakage and pressure loss, contributing heavily to sloppy shifting, transmission noise, and premature failure.

Fortunately, our technicians know exactly what to look for, and where to look in your transmission, for anything that might need maintenance. The best way to keep everything in tune and running smooth is to have specifications matched at regular intervals, as recommended by the manufacturer, to ensure your transmission lasts for many miles to come. We have the knowledge and equipment necessary to inspect and recalibrate anything on your transmission that isn’t up to par.

No matter your transmission maintenance and repair needs, our technicians have you covered. For the best transmission shop in Brooksville, FL, call or stop by today.


Thank you for visiting our Brooksville Transmissions Inc website.  We have been in business here in the Hernando County Florida area since 1980 and believe in delivering reliable transmission repairs.  We hope that when you require any sort of transmission repair, service or even advice; that you will keep us in mind!

Schedule your appointment today by calling us at  (352) 796-6544  or  if you prefer, schedule online.

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