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What Does Your Car Say About Your Personality?

What does the type of car, truck, or SUV you drive say about your personality? The results might surprise you.

They might, but at Brooksville Transmissions, Inc. in Brooksville, FL, we couldn’t possibly care less. We aren’t psychologists, we fix transmissions. And we fix transmissions well, meaning we aren’t concerned with what sort of statement your vehicle makes. What we are concerned with, is when the last time was that you got your filter changed and your fluid flushed; and we know the answer is most likely not recently enough (come on by, your secret is safe with us.)

We don’t know that much about psychology - our diagnostic equipment is used for understanding cars. And with that technology, and the decades of expertise between us, our technicians will keep your transmission shifting smooth for many miles to come. So, no matter your transmission maintenance or repair needs, we’ve got you covered.

From check engine lights to transmission swaps, our techs have your back. For the best transmission service shop in Brooksville, FL, call or stop by Brooksville Transmissions, Inc. today.


Thank you for visiting our Brooksville Transmissions Inc website.  We have been in business here in the Hernando County Florida area since 1980 and believe in delivering reliable transmission repairs.  We hope that when you require any sort of transmission repair, service or even advice; that you will keep us in mind!

Schedule your appointment today by calling us at  (352) 796-6544  or  if you prefer, schedule online.

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