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Everything you need to know about transmission sensors!

Diagnostic Tablet on engine transmission sensor

Our Brooksville drivers have been experiencing issues with their transmissions and there are a few things that we here at Brooksville Transmissions, Inc. feel are important to know so that you are more comfortable and confident if you are, indeed experiencing a transmission problem of any kind. First, if you drive a vehicle manufactured in the past few decades, there’s a good chance your transmission has a variety of sensors attached to it which monitors all kinds of things - fluid pressure, vehicle speed, temperature, air intake at the engine, and so on.  The first thing to check is your Transmission Sensor, which is a much more affordable fix than replacing your transmission!

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1969 Torino GT service above & beyond expectations.

I brought my 1969 Torino GT to Brooksville Transmission based on the recommendation of a friend whose family has used this company for generations. My experience only exceeded what I had been told was an excellent company. Chris, Jayne, and Rick Fuller were friendly, honest and went above and beyond all of my expectations. The guys who did the work in the shop were experts and diligent workers. It’s a rare thing to see this level of skill and competency.

The work was done on time and within the estimated cost of the job. Brooksville Transmission was only satisfied when they knew they had exceeded all of my expectations. I highly recommend Brooksville Transmission.

Mark Dupuis, Google Review with 5 Stars. 

So nice and they know their stuff!!!!

I would definitely recommend this transmission shop! Chris is sooo nice & knows his stuff! His wife is very sweet & makes you feel very welcomed! They go above & beyond!! I was almost ready to trade my very loved truck off & Chris had me fixed up & back on track with just a few very simple fixes & $25!! I definitely will use them again if needed & highly recommend them!!

Melinda Silverthorn, Google Review with 5 Stars.

I've never seen such honesty

I have never had such honesty and great service from a transmission company!   I'm so impressed every day I get into my vehicle I smile. I drive a Toyota FJ manual I'm so impressed by the gears; I enjoy slipping into first knowing it won't stall out!

Kate O-Connor Local Guide with a 5 Star Google Review.

Keeping your diesel fleet trucks on the road longer.

diesel repair logo image

Keeping your fuel system maintained will prevent premature parts failure and poor running conditions. Here at Brooksville Transmissions, Inc. we have tips on the important aspects of diesel fuel system maintenance, to keep your diesel fleet trucks running smoothly - longer.

Air. Air in the system causes all kinds of issues, from hard starting, poor running conditions, or an engine that won’t run at all. If too much air gets in the system, the fuel pump won’t be able to deliver fuel, and the engine will stall, die, or fail to start.  Air enters the system via a leak or a bad seal - a deteriorated o-ring, worn component, faulty hose, or otherwise. Here we inspect your lines and connections to ensure they are in good shape and track down any leaks we notice air in the system.

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