Once your transmission has been replaced and you’re shifting smoothly once more, you’ll probably want to keep it running smoothly. Here are some tips from Brooksville Transmissions, Inc. in Brooksville, FL to help keep you reliably on the road.

Recommended by a master mechanic neighbor, this transmission family is good people. I do all my own maintenance that I know, and Brooksville Transmission took care of what I don't know. My 2003 Nissan Frontier needed some new synchros and now it shifts better than when I bought the truck new. I'm very happy.

Google 5 Star Review by David Dodge!

ALWAYS get fast, friendly service at reasonable prices. And if they don't do the type of auto repair work you are looking for, they have a good recommendation based upon their long history living in Brooksville and personally knowing everyone in town!!! 

5 Star Google Review from Marilee Martinson, Local Guide.


Once you’ve determined a vehicle needs to have the engine replaced and is in good enough shape to keep on the team, it’s time to find an engine. Brooksville Transmissions, Inc. in Brooksville, FL is here to help you choose the right one. There are a variety of replacement options when it comes to engines.

Words cant begin to describe how awesome Chris And Jane Are! This a family-owned business.real down to earth people.  They bend over backward to make you feel right at home.  Chris explains all of your options in great detail.  Very honest and pleasant. I highly recommend Brooksville Transmissions! Thank you, everyone!

5 Star Google review by Concetta Pysz

A great place, the best and honest had them look at my Envoy as it was not shifting into overdrive. I had a shop Ammco look at it also, they told me it was interal and told the est was $1600.00 Brooksville Transmissions had me out the door for $125.00 as the only issue was a bad computer.  I have a dead part trucks and I took that computer to them.  2 hrs later I was driving my truck with overdrive and no issues at all THANK YOU Chris And Jane + Staff You Guys ROCK

Google Review by Tom Carman 5 Stars!

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At Brooksville Transmissions, Inc. in Brooksville, FL, we pride ourselves on specialty knowledge and ability. Once you’ve settled on a transmission to invest in, it’s important not to cut corners on the homestretch. We’ve got you covered here and you can expect top quality repairs for your top quality product.


Jasper Engines and Transmissions is proudly announcing their newly expanded availability of remanufactured GM 6T40/45/50 FWD and AWD transmissions. These 6-speed transmissions are electronically controlled and available for a variety of GM vehicles.

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